Prior To 1820

Prior to 1820, Maine was part of Massachusetts. Access was by river systems with the main rivers flowing south. The main pathways to northern Maine were:

  • Travel up the St John River
  • Travel up the Penobscot River taking the East Branch toward Staceyville, or taking the West Branch to portages leading to the Allagash and Aroostook Rivers.
  • Travel up the Kennebec River to Moosehead Lake going across Northeast Carry to the West Branch of the Penobscot River, then portage to the Aroostook River or Allagash River
  • Travel from the St Lawrence River to Temisquata Lake then down to the St John River

Mitchell Map of 1755

Treaty of Peace 1783

Treaty of 1794, Jay’s Treaty

Maine Map 1795

Bouchette’s Topographical Description of Lower Canada 1815

1817-1820 Surveys

Treaty of Ghent 1814